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Artist Sruthi Hot Comments on Pawan Kalyan and Sivaji Raja

The women in the industry are raising the sexual and economic exploitation in Tollywood. If there are concerns over these days, why are the heroes in the industry not responding? Asked Artist Sruthi. 

  • Hero’s are fighting for their sisters in Movies. Then why did not respond to the persons who are facing problems in Tollywood?  All those who do not care about women’s problems are not heroes.
  • Cine Artist Sruthi made hot comments on MAA President Sivaji Raja and on Pawan Kalyan. I will reveal truths about these two people if they have guts they need to come for a press meet.
  • Artist Pavitra said that their problems are not solved by the police or by the courts. For how many years we have to face this problem.
  • Some are giving the advice to complain on a police station, If started complaining, Police stations will not enough to take our cases, Jayasree said.

Representatives of the women’s unions started a discussion at the Somajiguda Press Club in Hyderabad on ‘Casting Couch’ in the film industry. Actress Shruti has made sensational comments on this occasion. On Shivaji Raja, Pawan Kalyan and other heroes she became fire. All the people knew what the film industry was. Now we tell you what will happen to the people in the industry.  

Artist Sruthi Hot Comments  Pawan Kalyan and Sivaji Raja

Artist Sruthi Hot Comments  Pawan Kalyan and Sivaji Raja
Artist Sruthi Hot Comments  Pawan Kalyan and Sivaji Raja

Outside people think bad about Cine Industry people. Then why are they talking now? Some people say that we will get chance by slept with some persons. If we slept like that, we will never come out now. Karate Kalyani, Satya Chowdary, if anyone comes we are ready to talk with them. Said, Sruthi.  

Direction Department and none of the producers are talking out. I also told TV channels Live … Sivaji Raja is like that, I have told the director to do this. Why does he not respond today? One girl made allegations on Kathi Mahesh, but Kathi Mahesh came out and made one statement on her. Why Shivaji Raja is not coming out, Shruthi asked.

Industry, heroes, directors, and producers are all big. But why do not they come? Tell them to come out and help us. Do not we act? Would they give chance when we sleep with them? We are not sleeping them so that they are not giving chance for a chance to act in the film. e are unable to rise because of the rest of the bad people. This is all you need to note, “said Shruti.

Previously Ramnaidu made many films, he loves the movie, he is so passioned about it. So for that he many films by selling his properties.  Now Suresh Babu and Allu Aravind are the four persons ruling Tollywood. They are earning money for 10 more generations without selling the property, Said Sruthi. 

Are all their heroes in all the cinemas, all heros coming with background support to the film. This is not so good. And the heroines who are coming up doing minimum 30 surgeries to get good shape for their body. Only few heros are good, remaining not yet all. Audience also know about this, Said Sruthi.

People saying about Pawan Kalyan, what is he doing? He came to politics by barricade the fans and earning money. Recently he bought a house in Amaravathi. Just with cinema, he earned all the money? Everyone should notice this. Said Sruthi. 


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