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Bhoomika Acts in U-Turn Movie

Bhoomika U-Turn Movie: From MCABhoomika started acting again. The character shifts to oriented rolls. The role of a government actress in the film is a good name for the actress. At the same time, the film is also playing a key role in the film. Now they are ready to play a key role in continuing the role.

The role played by Samantha Lead Role, Bhoomika is a key role in U-Turn Movie. She is joining the second schedule of this film. At this level, all taken selfie. The thriller Kannada is going to be the role, Bhoomika role is a ghost role as per the inside info.

In the second innings, it was decided that the role played by the actress was just okay. That’s why we want to do the fullest rolls. Her role in the film is definitely clicked. Rahul Ravindran and Aadi Pinishetty are playing key roles in this movie.


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