Viva Telugu Short Film Fame Harsha Gets into Films

Short Films are getting more popular these days and a lot of youngsters are making proper use of this small screen platform to get their talent noticed by the Film industry biggies.

Making a short film isn't easy and it requires a lot of talent as the director have to say his message in just a few minutes than hours which is a very tough job.

Viva Short Film Complete Team

Recently, few guys from an Engineering college have shooted a short film titled 'Viva'. I hope you've already watched it. If not, watch it below. It has already crossed the 16 lakh mark on YouTube and is still counting. This comedy short film is directed by Sabarish and Harsha did a lead role in the film. The concept is very well-known to each and every person who finished his college. It was about the Viva (practical exam) that is conducted at the end of each semester/year.

Interesting news is that the lead actor 'Harsha' has been selected as a comedian in a new movie 'Manasu Gathi Inthe' which is directed by Avakayi Biryani fame Praneeth.

Congrats Harsha. Wish you all the best. Hope you'll become a big comedian like Sunil.

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