Prabhas' Awesome Muscular Look for Bahubali Movie

Prabhas with Muscular Body in Bahubali

Like Rajamouli suggested, Prabhas has put in enoguh efforts to have a complete unique look, starting from the beard to the muscle body. He has been sweating continously out in the gym getting trained by Laxman Reddy, who is a former Mr.World body building champion.

You can clearly notice the muscular and toned body of Prabhas in the picture which is the result of his rigorous efforts. Prabhas has been put on a routine of weight lifting and body workout programmes and he have gained around 20 kgs of muscular weight post the training.

What do you think? Do Prabhas looks awesome in this new look? I'm sure he look menacing enough to play the role of Bahubali (the warrior).

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